IACTA members are continually working to improve the dialogue between all the players within the space and the standards that they operate within, so that consumers can make a more informed decision about the best payment option for them when making a purchase abroad.


IACTA members offer alternative, innovative and disruptive products and services that assist in making international commerce fairer and easier for the industry as a whole, which is vital for the long-term health of the payments space.

The roll out of the EU Cross-Border Payments Regulation means updates are needed to IT infrastructures and consumer-facing interfaces to ensure that all businesses are operating in a compliant manner, as set out by the legislation. IACTA provides guidance to ensure businesses are confident in offering services like Dynamic Currency Conversion in a fair and compliant manner.


IACTA takes action to raise awareness and drive education among policy makers around the imperfections in the card payments market which prevent limits free competition for card services, particularly cross-border services.