Our members have elected to adhere to a set of shared values to champion better standards around international cardholder transactions abroad, which ensure better provision of services for merchants and cardholders.

We facilitate fair international commerce

We make cross-border transactions and business more seamless and seek to resolve friction currently existing within the international transactions process, while advocating for best practice in the delivery of services that is compliant with regulators.

We champion choice for the cardholder

We empower choice for cardholders undertaking cross-border payments to deliver a positive customer experience with alternative payment methods for cardholders abroad.

We drive innovation

We continue to seek innovation around international card transactions for the consumer and wider industry, to ensure increasing transparency is not stifled by the existing players and practices within the space.

We educate merchants to better inform cardholders

We support merchants in being able to ensure they can offer sufficient information and explanation around the payment options available to cardholders at point of purchase.

We safeguard the future of the industry

We build constructive dialogue with the industry and regulating governments on behalf of the overall payments industry to secure and protect a level playing field for all involved in card transactions abroad